90-Minute Conversation Provocateur

Provocateur is a French word meaning “to call forth. That’s exactly what this 90-Minute coaching conversation is about. The truth is; this is not going to  be “smooth or easy” for you, but rather it’ll stimulate and reveal hidden issues of your heart.

During this session, I will be asking you intuitive questions to uncover the emotions, beliefs and insecurities, which created the issue/s you, are struggling with. This process allows you to reconnect with this deep but forgotten part of you, and begin to discover the real cause of many of your fears, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns. 

Conversation Provocateur generally runs for 60-90 minutes after which I’ll offer suggested treatments. You may choose to work with me deeper, you may decide that you’re confident and empowered to continue on your own.

Once I receive your payment confirmation, I’ll send you a zoom invite.


Can’t I do this myself?

Sure, you can do it alone. But to experience a ‘breakthrough’ or even to heal deeply, working with a professional is important. We are social creatures who need others to hold space for us. Your pain needs to be lovingly validated, plus investing in your wellbeing and mental health is worth it.

Can my family members help me?

They can, but not advisable even if they are caring. Family members who have not healed themselves of their issues are much less capable of dealing with yours. And you want to avoid defensiveness, anger, finger-pointing, and grief that may result in sharing your feelings with family members.

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