What if you could raise your standards and life meets you there?

Let's face it.

Not SHOWING UP as your true self is one of the most disturbing experiences in the world. You feel trapped.
And the thing is, all of us will feel trapped at some point, whether that be in a job, marriage, financial circumstance, religion, family or relationship. When it’s persistent, it can lead to depression, other health conditions and an unfulfilled life.
Because you need to “fit in” and prove to others, so you buy into believing that you should be a certain way in order to accept yourself. You let yourself and your business become vanilla, because you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you now realise you’ve become a commodity – and you do this at the expense of your dream.

And here’s the thing: none of us are innocent.

We’ve all been guilty of dimming our shine. So instead of “Showing Up”, we “Show Off” or “Settle”. Whether out of fear, lack of self awareness or the desire to be accepted, putting on a mask is sometimes our only choice. In fact, some situations in life require us to adopt a certain persona. And that’s OK – as long as we’re aware of what we’re doing.
The problem comes when we have worn a mask for so long that we forget what’s underneath. And we forget who we are. Having self-induced amnesia is a terrible way to live life. 

In fact, craving to “fit in” with others is deeply embedded into our DNA: it’s a biological survival mechanism but the truth is that the more you force yourself to “fit in,” the more you suffer.

But what do you do once you realise you are not showing up rather you’re trying to “fit in” or “Show off”?

That's when....

You look at your life and marvel at how it doesn’t feel like ‘yours’ at all. 
You desperately want to escape, 
You badly want to do something … but you’re terrified of letting go everything you’ve built so far.

So, my friend...

As a woman who is self aware, you need to learn how to stand in your power and make decisions from there, rather than from what others tell you then turning yourself into a product of the society- this is showing up.

Hi there!

I'm Aji Michael

“For me, the realisation that I was living a complete lie dawned on me slowly, across the span of a year. I felt increasingly confused, disoriented, anxious, depressed, and my mind spiraled into a very dark place. Thankfully I managed to get out of that place (and I’ll share how I did that in this program). Ultimately, my decision to SHOW UP resulted in burning bridges with people dear to me– but the leap into the unfamiliar was completely and utterly worth it. I have never felt happier, more whole or more fulfilled!”

From my personal experience:

The more you conform, the emptier you feel inside.

The more you try to be like others, the more you lose contact with your inner voice. 

The more you mold your life to be “socially acceptable,” the more you sacrifice your inner values, dreams, beliefs, and desires

Enough said, if you believe there’s more to you, you’re tired of dimming your light – then it’s time you SHOW UP!

What you get when you join:

In this 7 week program:
You’ll receive 7 weekly videos and audios that will challenge your thinking and elevate your everyday life.
Fun questions and exercises to inspire you and challenge you to let go of anything standing between you and Showing up.
You’ll join other incredible women to discuss and celebrate how these powerful lessons are reshaping your life. Plus weekly group coaching calls with me.

As a result of this course . . .

  • You’ll learn how to live life on your own terms
  • You’ll have let go of your old stories and create a new one
  • You’ll master how to get out of your mind and into your heart
  • You’ll have increased your self worth
  • Rekindle your relationship into a hot and steamy love affair.
  • You’ll become a magnet for all your life desires
  • You will develop an unstoppable confidence.


This is a launch offer and ends midnight 4th June 2020.


“Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken.”
– Oscar Wilde

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