Projects to work on

Since His Lady is flat, people don’t join projects because they’re told to. There’s no rule book for choosing a project or task at HIS LADY. But it’s useful to answer questions like these:

  • Of all the projects currently under way, what leverages 
my individual strengths the most?
  • Which project will have the highest direct impact on our clients?
  • Is His Lady not doing something that it should be doing?

Why we think you would love to be part of our team:

  • The good of all – As the global voice for ambitious women, our mission is to redefining living for the modern woman of faith – Isn’t that awesome to be part of an ambitious adventure?
  • Personal Development – Working at HIS LADY provides an opportunity for extremely efficient and, in many cases, very accelerated, career growth. Because HIS LADY doesn’t have a traditional hierarchical structure, so the “growth ladder” is tailored to you. It operates exactly as fast as you can manage to grow. You’re in charge.
  • Nurture your creativity -There’s no rule book for choosing a project or task at HIS LADY so there’s opportunity to birth your bright idea. This company is yours to steer toward opportunities and away from risks.

If you’ll like to go on this ambitious adventure with us, Click here to get started!